Ni Zugen: Promoting the transformation and upgrading of Lake with original technological innovation-B

Ni Zugen told the reporter of “Electrical Appliances” that, especially in the past five years, with the development of China’s real estate market limited, China’s home appliance industry has clearly bid farewell to barbaric large-scale competition and instead participates in the competition of high-end products with technological value. This allows Lake to give full play to the advantages of “adhering to original technology” that it has always pursued. Not only has it successfully developed the Mojie vacuum cleaner, Lake has also expanded its original technology to air purifiers, water purifiers, humidifiers, and even cabinet appliances. In each category, Lake has created superior product capabilities with original technology.New Egg Boiler


Ni Zugen also believes that while high-end consumer demand is increasing, the demand for Internet-based cost-effective products is also increasing. Therefore, in order to meet the demand for high volume at both ends, Lake has deployed high-end and Internet brands in vacuum cleaners, cabinet appliances and other categories, such as vacuum cleaners Lake and Jimmy. The brand positioning is divided, and multiple brands are used to meet different Market demand. In addition, Lake also deployed Biyunquan as a water purification brand. In 2020, both Biyunquan and Jimmy will achieve 100% growth in the online market.New Egg Boiler

Ni Zugen concluded that the main reason for Lake’s achievements is the independent research and development of high-tech products that meet the needs of consumption upgrades. This idea will also be an important criterion for Lake’s future development. “Because people’s pursuit of a better life and better products will never change, companies must continue to carry out technological innovation to meet these needs.” New Egg Boiler

When it comes to future development, Ni Zugen specifically emphasized two points. On the one hand, facing the globalized market space, while maintaining the traditional product ODM model, Lake will export from China to foreign markets such as electric fans, purifiers and other brand new products; With the extension of motor technology, Lake will vigorously develop commercial supporting business, focusing on upstream supporting solutions such as new energy vehicle motor control, precision molds, and components. New Egg Boiler

At the time of the election of the seventh council of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Ni Zugen expressed his heartfelt thanks to China Household Electrical Appliances Association. He said that the China Household Electrical Appliances Association has commendably put the interests of the industry in the first place, and is really doing the cause of promoting the development of the industry, especially to the former small and medium-sized enterprises like Lake, which has given real help and guidance. “I believe the China Household Electrical Appliances Association will help us do many things to promote the upgrading of the home appliance industry, and Lake will continue to make progress and live up to expectations.”  New Egg Boiler

Post time: Jan-06-2021