Behind the popularity of small appliances, some negatives are accumulating B

From the perspective of the varieties of small home appliances, there are probably more than 200 varieties in developed countries, and all domestic appliances add up to more than 100. In some developed countries, the average number of small household appliances per household should be above 35. It can be seen that my country’s vacancies in the small household appliance industry are very huge. Therefore, how to maintain output after seizing foreign markets this year is the most important thing. There are no outstanding researchers in the small home appliance industry.(TSIDA)


In addition, there are some tricky things. Because of the shortage of containers caused by the explosion of orders in the short term, the containers that went out in the early stage cannot be returned to the country, the freight cannot be sent out, the customs processing speed becomes slow, the container turnover time becomes longer, and a large number of orders even arrive. In June of next year, a lot of goods will be placed in the warehouse to drop dust.(TSIDA)


In the long run, in order to speed up the flow of goods in the warehouse, merchants will also reduce prices in order to stimulate domestic demand, and then develop into a price war.(TSIDA)

Xun Yu, an observer of the home appliance industry, also pointed out that there are many problems in the export of small home appliances in my country. First, most domestic small home appliance companies still realize production and export based on the foundry model, and the export strength of independent brands is relatively low; second, small home appliance companies re-market Light research and development, most of the export products are low-end and low-priced; third, the lack of a perfect after-sales service system, only focus on mass production and the pursuit of profit, but ignore the importance of after-sales service.(TSIDA)


Of course, in any case, my country’s small home appliance companies can be considered to have initially opened up foreign markets, laying a foundation for the internationalization of small home appliances, and can absorb more experience in the international market competition, which has a positive impact on the research and development of small home appliances. Under the continuing impact of the epidemic, the beginning of next year will still benefit the entire industry.(TSIDA)

Post time: Dec-03-2020