BSH Home Appliances World’s Largest R&D Center Landed in China(B)

Innovation and show off the technical “muscle”

At the same time as the launching ceremony of the R&D center, BSH Home Appliances also held an “Innovation Exhibition” on the first floor of the R&D Center to showcase the latest localized R&D achievements of BSH Home Appliances in China. From brand-new products to the core technologies applied in them, such a “straightforward” big show of technology “muscle” is rare for BSH.  (tsida) 

The innovation exhibition consists of six areas: washing products, refrigeration products, kitchen appliances, dishwashers, household appliances and smart homes. In the area of washing products, BSH Home Appliances exhibited a washing machine with active oxygen sterilization technology, which can meet users’ needs for sterilization and deodorization of clothes. During the epidemic, this feature made the washing machine market perform well. The heat pump dryer with a sterilization rate of 99.99% and a self-cleaning function has also become the sales champion because it meets the market demand during the epidemic. In addition, this product is also the fastest dryer in the world-it can dry clothes in as fast as 17 minutes.

At the refrigeration product booth, the wine, drink and beauty refrigerator developed by the Chinese R&D team for the local market became the “star” product of this exhibition, meeting the diverse storage needs of consumers with excellent multi-dimensional space design. “Due to the high requirements for wine storage, the cold storage area of ​​our refrigerator achieves a temperature fluctuation of only ±0.2°C.” The staff on site said.


In the kitchen appliance booth, the range hood using the BLDC DC inverter motor independently produced by BSH Home Appliances (tsida) and the unique patented e-filter element occupy the main position. It has high-efficiency kinetic energy of 20mm³/min large air volume, 750Pa high wind pressure, and stable performance of 10,000 hours of uninterrupted operation. It also has the ability to effectively intercept grease with a filtration efficiency of 99.6%, ensuring long-term cleanliness inside the range hood. The burner stove products on display adopt the patented technology of nine-stage stepping valve body, and nine independent air chambers respectively correspond to nine different firepower levels, realizing precise firepower control. In addition, this booth also displayed a steaming and roasting integrated machine that can achieve uniform steaming due to the use of 4D hot air quality changes, and a micro steaming and roasting integrated machine that has not yet been listed.

BSH Home Appliances exhibited brand-new dishwasher products tailored to the needs of Chinese users in the dishwasher exhibition area. It has a height of 775mm that is more suitable for Chinese cabinets and a redesigned bowl basket. It also has a “lower pressurization” function developed for the characteristics of Chinese catering thick oil red sauce, which applies all water pressure to the lower spray arm to satisfy washing Claim.  (tsida) 

In the household appliances exhibition area, Cookit, who appeared at IFA in 2019, once again appeared. Unlike last time, in order to meet the needs of Chinese users, when it was unveiled this time, the recipes of China’s eight major cuisines have been “trained”, plus the maximum cooking temperature of 200 ℃, so that it can easily complete the cooking of Chinese cuisine.  (tsida) 

At the smart home booth, Home Connect, which has just been upgraded to version 2.0, made a new appearance, and the Chinese name was changed from the previous “Home Connect” to “Jingyu”. At the same time, the exhibition area also exhibited the system master (SMM) of BSH Home Appliances, which is the digital brain of home appliances. At the same time, it is equipped with modern sensor technology to equip home appliances with “eyes”, “ears” and “nose”. Perception and computing power to provide consumers with personalized digital services.  (tsida) 

Post time: Oct-22-2020