BSH Home Appliances World’s Largest R&D Center Landed in China(A)

After four years of construction, a building with a very distinctive “German Seiko” style quietly stands at No. 22 Hengfa Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu. The world’s largest R&D center for BSH Home Appliances, which costs about 400 million RMB and has a construction area of about 47,000 square meters, was officially opened on September 22, 2020.


The world’s largest R&D center officially opened

According to Mr. Lars Schubert, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Greater China of BSH Home Appliances Group, the R&D center covers an area of ​​approximately 22,000 square meters with a total construction area of ​​approximately 47,000 square meters. The largest R&D center of West Home Appliances(egg boiler) in the world. In addition, he emphasized: “During the construction process of the R&D center, it demonstrated the innovative concept of sustainable development that Boshi Appliances has always adhered to, and thus obtained the China three-star green building certification.”

Schubert introduced that the functions undertaken by the R&D center are mainly divided into three parts. “First, it provides an office environment that stimulates creativity and inspiration for our employees, especially R&D personnel; second, it integrates the most advanced laboratory equipment of BSH Home Appliances in the world; third, it is West Home Appliances is the world’s largest R&D center, and its R&D field will involve all product categories of Bossie Home Appliances.” Schubert said. He said that at present, Boshi Home Appliances(egg boiler) has about 700 R&D personnel in China, and by 2025, this number will reach 1,000. “The new R&D center can accommodate 1,000 R&D personnel. This means that in the next five years, we will continue to increase R&D investment, expand the team of R&D personnel, and further strengthen the R&D capabilities of BSH Home Appliances Greater China.” Schubert emphasized Said, “This R&D center is also equivalent to an innovation engine, which can develop more high-end innovative products. In addition to the original refrigerators, washing machines and other traditional categories, it will also perform R&D and innovation in emerging categories such as eggware).”

It is worth mentioning that in the R&D center, an entire floor is used to develop software to support the innovation of BSH Home Appliances in interconnection, smart home and other products. In addition, the new R&D center will also be committed to the exploration and R&D in the field of Industry 4.0.

Schubert said: “BSH has a very strong global R&D system. The China R&D Center is one of the R&D centers with core competitiveness and has its own comprehensive and full-category R&D capabilities. At the same time, the China R&D Center will also Fully integrate into the global R&D system of BSH Home Appliances, and use global R&D resources to support us and provide a strong supplement.” (egg boiler)

“The completion of the new R&D center embodies the development concept of BSH Home Appliances’in China, for China’, which is a milestone for BSH Home Appliances’ development in China.” Dr. Tang Shanda, President of BSH Home Appliances Group Greater China ( Dr. Alexander Dony) said, “This is conducive to the long-term development of BSH Home Appliances in China. To meet the localization and diversification needs of the Chinese market, more innovative talents and innovative methods are needed.”

Affected by the epidemic, Dr. Silke Maurer, a member of the board of directors and chief operating officer of BSH Home Appliances Group, did not come to the Nanjing launch ceremony. But in the video she sent, she said that in 2019, BSH Home Appliances will invest 5.4% of its revenue in R&D. In 2020, BSH Home Appliances R&D investment will continue to increase. “The completion of the new R&D center in Greater China marks a new starting point for BSH Home Appliances global research and development, and BSH Home Appliances will therefore write more and more exciting Chinese stories.” said Morel. (egg boiler)

Post time: Oct-15-2020